ZN City, Early, and Rising Star, New Geekland

Historic District

Still the First!


ZN Rail (Grand Central Station

ZETRO Subway (Possy Rd)

ZN Rail stops at Grand central station. This includes the AT, UG, SkyLine, JIM Line, Arctic Line, and the tggLine. As well, there is a ZETRO station inside Grand Central

Located at: 102 Historic Main Street, ZN City, New Geekland
ZETRO has many stops around the server, but the Historic district has one located on Posey Rd for A Line access to Breeze Park, and lots more destinations.

Located at: 100 Posey Rd, ZN City, New Geekland

Highway Access (Loop 1)

ZEB Shopping

There are various on-ramps to get into the New Geekland Highway system.

Located in various areas
ZEB offers free raw food for you to cook and eat. There is also a small cafe to eat in. These are located through New Geekland.

Located at: 103 Historic Main Street, ZN City, New Geekland



Grandma Dee's Boat Shack

The N-Mech was one of the first monuments of the ZN defense force built. It honors one of the founders, Nathan, and helps defend ZN City from invaders.

Located at: 100 N-Mech Circle, ZN City, New Geekland
Grandma Dee's Boat Shack has some of the best boat racing in New Geekland! Race your friends, participate in tourneys, and get some good views of Larry Lagoon.

Located at: 103 Spleef Street, ZN City, New Geekland

Spleef Arena

Recording Studio

Play the classic game of Spleef with friends and rivals, partake in tourneys, and more.

Located at: 107 Spleef St, ZN City, New Geekland
Record some skits, all for free.

Located at: 102 Spleef Street, ZN City, New Geekland


Fish Town Appartments

Nathey Gated Community

Journey inside the Yo mama mech, and live inside a person! The theming matches what inside of a person may look like.

Located at: ???
Get a nice town house or condo inside the historic district, right by Breeze Park and the Spleef arena.

Located on Spleef Street