ZN City, Early, and Rising Star, New Geekland

About ZN City

ZN City was founded as one of the first cities in ​tggMC. It first started out as just the Historic District and expanded from there.


ZN City was founded as one of the first cities in ​tggMC.
ZN Rail Connected, Grand Central V1.0 started.
N-Mech Started and Finished
Grand Central V1 Finished
ZETRO "A" Line Created


Spleef Arena started
Concept of Districts created, Tomorrow District started
Spleef Arena Finished
"Tomorrow Event Center" Created and finished

Nate joins tggMC

Communication Circle started

Breeze Park Started and Finished

DC District Started, OP Tower Started and Finished

ZN Mansion Started and finished

Lawful Courthouse Started

Monumental Plaza Created (DC District Expanded)

ZN City Port introduced

Theatrigeek (Now Eugine Plaza) Created

Airport V2 Started and Finished (Expansion of the Main Terminal)

Grand Central V2 Started and finished


Nate Annexes "Arctic City" to ZN City

tggMC/New Geekland Capital Started and Created

Airport V3 Started and Finished (Creation of New Terminal)

ZN Regional Government Created, to serve the surrounding ZN City areas.

Theatrigeek Plaza rebranded to "Eugine Plaza," To honor Larry (Grandma Dee's Husband)

Breeze Park Expanded

Arctic City rebranded as Arctic District, making it part of ZN City

ACIA Airport rebranded as Artic Terminal

Terminal i n k to Artic Terminal started and Finished, connecting ZNIA main and Artic Terminal

The Districts

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Historic District

Tomorrow District

Airport District

Downtown District

Breeze Park

Eugine Plaza

D.C. District

Arctic District

ZN City Port